We at Affiliate Maven make sure that our affiliates gain the most from working with us. Hence, why we are always on the lookout for new experienced professionals, as they are the backbone of new and exciting milestones, and achievements



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Affiliate Maven is looking to work with proven professionals, so that we can continue delivering expert services and achieve goals, that we set ourselves. Moreover, we put a great emphasis on employee satisfaction and comfort, whilst presenting a dynamic and communicative environment.

Being focused on progress and goals, our team presents exciting and interesting career opportunities for our motivated employees. At Affiliate Maven we make sure our professionals meet other likeminded experts, thus forming meaningful and fruitful business relationships.

QC Analyst

As a part of our QC team, you will be responsible for continuous monitoring and enhancement of traffic performance, statistical data, and overall call center activities and performance.

Affiliate Manager

We are looking for an experienced professional with a sufficient background in providing excellent customer service by recruiting new affiliates and managing business negotiations and deals with partners.

Programmatic Media Buyer

When taking up this position, you will be responsible for the daily set up, monitoring, and optimization of mobile performance campaigns across multiple programmatic buying platforms.

Native Expert Media Buyer

We are looking for an experienced professional with a sufficient background in maintaining ad networks, delivering full-scale, end-to-end ad campaigns, and driving excellent traffic rates.

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